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The Loss of a Community Resource

Posted by marie@4wordsfoundation.org on April 5, 2018 at 12:30 AM

Last night's news about Susan G. Komen SWFL closing was a devasting blow to our local community and those affected by a Breast Cancer Diagnosis.  They have been a major resource in our community and their closing in May will have a dramatic affect on our area.                          While the national chapter is still in existence it has to make you wonder how much support will actually be returned to our area.

It saddens me to think that their closure is about money.  The contracts with the national organization reflect how much a chapter is supposed to raise during the year.  From all the information provided, the local chapter provided 25% or net proceeds raised back to the national organization while the remaining was used for programs/projects in the local area.  So if the goal is not met the affliate must close?  This is where it makes it seem like it's all about the money - not the people.  Many good people have worked with the local chapter of Susan G. Komen and raised significant dollars for their cause. This is not the first affliate to close and probably will not be the last.

The past year has been difficult to raise funds for all of the local nonprofits in our community.  Hurricane Irma took its toll and whatever monies may have been set aside for donations needed to be used to help victims of the storm, or to get an individuals own home back in order.  Requiring a specific dollar amount to be tied to a contract to utilize the nonprofits name in my opinion is ridiculous.  What happened to supporting the cause and the people?  Where did their passion go?

4 Words Foundation is honored to receive even the smallest amount an individual might be able to spare. A small donation from many people can have a huge effect.  $1.00 from 100 people can fund a mammogram, $2.00 from the same 100 people could cover a CT Lung Cancer Screening, or consultation with a physician, or someone's copay for diagnostic imaging in their cancer diagnosis.  Even loose change, collected in a jar, can add up to a significant donation.

For 4 Words Foundation, it's about those we can help.  We might not be able to fund an individual's entire request, but sometimes just a little help can take away some of the stress.  Even if someone cannot donate financially to us they can help by volunteering at our events, spreading the word about our organization, or providing in-kind donations that can be utilized during fundraising events.

Luckily there are many other non-profits who may be able to help fill the void.  Maybe not all of it, but at least as a community we can band together and help each other, raise awareness about the importance of health screenings in the prevention, early detection and treatment of ALL cancers.  We are here for you - Because Awareness DOES Matter.

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