4 Words Foundation, Inc.

  Because Awareness DOES Matter!

Would you like to host a fundraiser to benefit 

4 Words Foundation?  

Use the form to the right and tell us about it.

Here are some ideas:

1)  Coin Jar Fundraiser - Collect loose change.  When jar is full, donate the coins to us.

2)  Dine to Donate - Would your restaurant consider donating a percentage of the days           receipts?

3)  Host a run/walk, triathlon, golf or fishing tournament.  

4)  Hold a Car Wash.

5)  Have a Yard Sale.

6)  Host a Happy Hour.

The possibilities are endless!

Funds raised by your event are tax deductible to the highest amount allowed by law and will stay in the local community to provide cancer awareness, education, and patient financial assistance for ALL cancers to those in need.