4 Words Foundation, Inc.

  Because Awareness DOES Matter!

Whether through a monetary donation, participating as a sponsor, vendor, volunteer, or entering as a team or individual into our fundraising events; our supporters show their spirit and commitment to our community.  

Many wonderful people and organizations in Southwest Florida & Connecticut support our mission of raising awareness of the importance of health screenings in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of all cancers.  Early detection and treatment results in better outcomes.  Not only for the patient, but for their families and friends.

The Officers of 4 Words Foundation, Inc. are truly grateful of these individuals, organizations, and those who are working with them.  It is because of them we are able to financially assist individuals who may need a screening, non-surgical biopsy, or additional testing in their diagnosis and/or treatment of cancer.  

Our deepest thanks for their support and generosity.

Corporate/Individual Sponsors

2-Year Sponsors

1-Year Sponsors

9-6-3 Month Sponsors